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Rent a board

Rent a board for 1 day, 2 days or 3 days and take it anywhere you want to enjoy your experience to the fullest! A personal flotation device and all accessories are included!


1 Day 2 Days 3 Days
1 Board 40$ 65$ 80$
2 Boards (10% discount) 72$ 117$ 144$
3 Boards (15% discount) 102$ 165.75$ 204$
4 Boards (20% discount) 128$ 208$ 256$
5 Boards (25% discount) 150$ 243.75$ 300$

Hours of return

If you pick up your board before 4:00PM, your return time is the same time as your pickup.

If you pick up your board after 4:00PM, your first day will be counted as the next day and your return time is before 11AM.

-Example 1 (You pick up your board tuesday at 2:30PM, for 2 days):

Return time: Thursday at 2:30PM

-Example 2 (You pick up your board Wednesday at 5:00PM, for 1 day):

Return time: Friday before 11AM

Note: A delay of more than 30 minutes will be counted as an extra day and will be charged automatically.

Payment method & Security Deposit

We accept cash or credit cards as forms of payment.

Security deposit (only if you pay in cash): 150$ per board rented

Pickup location in Laval

Pickup is done in Laval, near Tennis 13 within our opening hours. The exact adress will be sent to you once you reserve.


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